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The game has changed…

October 21st, 2011 Poker No Comments »

Poker Asia PacificI haven’t had a chance to update this blog in a while.  Unfortunately life has been pretty busy and my free time has been spent on new projects, most notably Poker Asia Pacific.

Frustrated by the lack of quality Australian poker content – news, results and articles – we decided it was time to make a stand and build the best damn poker website possible.  The feedback and support we’ve had so far has been fantastic.  We’re pumping our regular news columns and have an awesome collection of some of the best players in the region to write strategy, blogs and all sorts of content and the site looks slick.

We’re going to blow everyone else out of the water.

Check out the site at and Like our Facebook Page to show your support for what we’re trying to achieve, and that is, bringing the best poker content possible for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian poker community.