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Race Update

So since the JHDSS I’ve been playing plenty of tournaments to try and end this “Race to 10k” once and for all.  Duck landed a nice online score, but I’ve been able to chip away with plenty of small cashes.  I feel like I’ve been playing really well and getting some consistent, deep results, without grabbing a big cash.  My biggest result was 8th/762 in a Full Tilt $26 NLHE which was worth close to US$450, but of course the US$4.5k for first would’ve been a little sweeter and ended this race!

Despite playing well, and being on the verge of a big result, the lack of profit is frustrating.  So I went and donked around in some cash games the other day.  It was all a bit meh, which then turned into tilt, which evolved into full-blown monkey tilt after this hand:

TonyG Poker Tilt

Gross. So after relieving myself of the last cash I had in my TonyG account in a fit of wild rage, I happy returned to the tournament grind with renewed focus and tolerance.

After a couple of final tables, including some miraculous PLO results, I have a nice little break on Ducky.  I know he’s capable of landing a 5k score at any time, so I’ve got to keep the foot down and get this final $1.5k asap.

Current Standings:
thkcduckworth: $5,756.37
TassieDevil: $8,513.39

Final Table Bonuses:
thkcduckworth: $25
TassieDevil: $175

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